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The debate is ongoing and global, especially when working for a cause: How can you be passionate about your job without burning yourself and your colleagues out? How do you find focus in a world of endless emails and notifications, and how do you create a modern workplace with a socially responsible work-life balance?

 FSC Denmark is now following the footsteps of an increasing number of global companies and organizations that have introduced a 4-day workweek.

According to FSC Denmark’s Director, Søren Dürr Grue, the initiative will not affect negatively on the secretariat's ability to deliver on its daily tasks and objectives. Experiences from other organizations implementing the same have shown that a 4-day workweek with the right focus, means far fewer sick leave, better collaboration, greater job satisfaction and unchanged productivity.


The journey towards a 4-day workweek

Director of FSC Denmark, Søren Dürr Grue says:


"If anyone has met my colleagues at FSC Denmark, they know that we are an extremely passionate team always excited about what we do and at all times of the day. Many of my colleagues have been under too much pressure over the years and therefore it has long been a high priority to ensure a better work-life balance. We of course want to be a responsible workplace, but there is also plenty of research showing that the path to efficiency does not necessarily go through more hours at the office – perhaps even the opposite”.

As a step on the way towards a 4-day workweek at FSC Denmark, we have introduced several new measures. Among other things, there is now meeting-free focus time from 9-11 every day, where notifications from emails and telephones are shut down, and work is focused on specific projects or tasks. At the same time, a new project planning structure is introduced, and plans are made for fewer interruptions in general.


What can members expect?

According to Søren Dürr Grue, FSC Denmark's new initiative will not affect the organization's members much. However, with the exception that the office is closed on Fridays:

"We will of course be closed on Fridays but will still participate in events that would overlap a Friday, e.g., conferences or the like. Otherwise, I see it mainly as a matter of good planning. However, there will be an emergency number available in cases that cannot wait till Monday".

On top of this, every fourth Friday has been transformed into a learning day, where FSC Denmark's employees can improve their skills in their field. It can be seminars, continuing education etc. "The goal is to keep our team up to date and developing professionally. It will of course benefit our members and at the same time ensure more skilled and satisfied colleagues who continue to be passionate about their profession without burning out," says Søren Dürr Grue and continues:

"Switching to a 4-day workweek is of course not something you just do. It will require a joint focus to stick to the new ways, but I am already experiencing more calm working days and I am deeply optimistic when it comes to the final implementation, which has officially started on the 1st of August 2022,” concludes Søren Dürr Grue.


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